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That, and the Wizard of Oz

During the recent deliberations (or shall I stamp-of-approval-tions) for Justice John Roberts, a very laughable and yet terribly ridiculous comment was made by Senator Brownback from Kansas.

The committee (and Roberts) had been discussing Brown v. Board of Education, the landmark 1954 case which ruled "separate but equal" school systems were unconstitutional. Senator Brownback hails from Kansas, and unfortunately had no idea that it was in fact his state's government that wanted to keep the schools segregated, and argued the "separate but equal" concept established in Plessy v. Ferguson was legitimate and constitutional.

He is actually proud that the case came from his state. (See, we got good discriminationists over ther' in Kansas!) Here's the exact quote from the transcript available via the Washington Post (this is Senator Brownback's language, minus what I put in brackets):

In Plessy v. Ferguson, it's been cited yesterday along with the Brown decision, which my state is the proud home state host of Brown v. Board of Education. And I personally knew two of the lawyers that practiced in that case, and they were noble gentlemen.

They overturned Plessy, as you know, which was an 1896 case. So Plessy had stood for nearly 60 years. ... [Actually, if they argued for Kansas in that case, they were arguing in favor of Plessy!]

Yet I don't think anybody would agree that Plessy shouldn't have been overturned, and certainly not anybody from my state. [Certainly!] We're the host state of Brown v. the Board of Education.

Toto, thank god we're not in Kansas anymore.


Anonymous briana said...

I heard this portion of the hearings yesterday while I was getting ready, and I yelled similar sentiments at my radio. Ahh, morons!

11:51 AM


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